Enrichment Programs

We offer enrichment classes and workshops as part of many after school enrichment programs as well as part of other community youth programs.  Check out our current program schedule for updated program information or contact us directly to talk more about how we can start a program near you!

We offer programs in robotics, science, physics, engineering, art and MAKER education.

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Home School Programs

Did you know that Brain Monkeys has their own home school group? Well, we do! It is called United Learning Academy and you can click on the link for more information on our program offerings.

We also offer classes at many local home schooling groups and co-ops.  Contact us for more information or to bring our programs to your home schooling organization! We customize our classes to fit with the specific interests and the organizations needs.

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Summer Camp

During the summer months we offer lots of fantastic technology, robotics and maker camps and workshops.  We partner with many local schools as well as run our own summer day camps.  Check out our Summer Camp page for more information or contact us directly with questions.

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What Makes Brain Monkeys different?

Brain Monkeys is a unique organization which offers programs to all ages and learning styles.  We believe in customizing our curriculum to reach each individual learners interests and learning style.

Our instructors are patient and understand that each child is different.  We believe that being able to reach each individual learner and creating an environment and curriculum that fosters their needs and interests is something that makes our company stand out from others.

Parents often tell us that their child had a challenging experience at other camps or at other classes but when they came to our program, they seemed to blossom and become more confident.  We see this a lot and pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with children and invite them to learn with us.

Education is a life long journey and success is built upon perseverance through the failures and mistakes that are thrown at us.  Our students are taught to question, explore, invent and to never give up!